Metal roofing systems are among the most popular solutions for both industrial commercial properties, including retail stores, restaurants, office buildings, warehouses, garages, shopping malls, distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, and more. Available in a wide variety of styles, colours, and finishes, metal roofing provides commercial and industrial buildings with outstanding protection from the elements.


With Deluxe Roofing’s expert craftsmanship, we make it easier than ever to customize your metal flat roof around various structures and features of your roof.


Along with being supremely durable, metal roofs are also not flammable, making them excellent for meeting a variety of safety codes and restrictions for building materials.


By reflecting the sun, the metal flat roof can provide some assistance in keeping your building cooler and reducing your energy bills – some estimates even state this could reduce cooling costs by almost a third which translates to hundreds or even thousands in savings for large commercial properties!


Metal roofs outshine asphalt roofing in the longevity and durability category making them ideal for utilitarian buildings that require robust building materials without a lot of maintenance requirements. For comparison, asphalt roofing lasts around 12 to 20 years while metal roofing can be anywhere from 40 to 70.


Metal roofs seem unwise in terms of its relation to lightning – it is actually the safest material since it will not ignite of spark when struck by lightning or fire.


Because of their use of recycled materials, metal roofs are also an eco-friendly choice perfect for any business looking to up their “Green Factor.”

At Deluxe Roofing Canada, we provide metal roofing installation services using only the highest quality materials available to designed and construct tin, stainless steel, aluminum, or copper roofing systems complete with coatings for added protection from UV rays, rust, and other costly damages. If you’re replacing a shingled roof with a metal one, our team of contractors will seamlessly remove the existing roofing system a replace it with a state-of-the-art metal roof that fits your needs!

At Deluxe Roofing Canada, we want to be your partners in the success of your roofing project with our metal roofing installation, repair, maintenance, and replacement services. Using the most up-to-date tools and equipment in the industry, our certified roofing professionals will work with you to perform top-to-bottom inspections to keep you informed about your property’s roofing system. With installation by our dedicated metal roof Toronto team, you’re in good hands.

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