Comparison Guide for the Cost of Different Roofing Materials

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Comparison Guide for the Cost of Different Roofing Materials

Replacing a roof or installing one for new construction is a big decision that a lot of homeowners face. A lot of different factors like aesthetics, durability, protection, installation, and price can have an impact on your decision. This is not an easy choice to make; however, we believe that this comparison guide will be of great value. It will explain the benefits of different roofing and climate applications as well as the average cost.

Modern technology in the roofing industry has made significant strides towards more energy efficient materials and available selections. The most asked question that we come across in the greater Toronto area is how much does a roof cost? Depending on the installation method and roofing application, you can expect to spend between C$4,000 and C$25,000.

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The 5 Best Roofing Material for Toronto 

1. Asphalt and Architectural Shingles 

Even though asphalt and architectural shingles serve the same purpose, there is a difference. Architectural shingles contain multiple layers of asphalt, granules, and material. Asphalt shingles are made on top of a glass mat with just a single layer of material. Standard three-tab shingles are most common for asphalt shingles, and architectural shingles have a three-dimensional pattern. Both are durable, easy to maintain, and cost-effective.


  • Excellent fire resistance
  • Fewer leak problems
  • Excellent uplift resistance
  • Durable and low maintenance
  • Ideal weight; not too light or too heavy
  • Long life-expectancy
  • 100-year track record in Canada

Asphalt and architectural shingles are both rated to withstand strong winds. They are manufactured and engineered to meet the most violent wind resistance tests known in the industry. They meet the requirements for ASTM D3161 Class F and ASTM D7158 Class H wind ratings from 100mph to 130mph. Architectural shingles are higher quality than three-tab asphalt shingles and offer longer warranties. Depending on your budget and desired style, you can expect to pay about C$3.25 to C$5.50 per square foot installed.

2. Metal Shingles

If you are a homeowner in Toronto who’s interested in installing a unique roof on your home? We would like to introduce you to an architectural metal shingled roof that’s anything but boring. Installing this type of roof should be considered as it provides the same superior protection as other premium systems. It can have the same look as conventional roof systems like slate, tiles, cedar, composition shingles, and more. In a lot of cases, this roof can be installed for less than a comparable standing seam roof.


  • Interlocking metal shingle design
  • High impact resistant rating
  • Withstand winds up to 120 mph
  • Fire resistant and non-combustible
  • Rust resistant and will not rot or crack
  • Approximate 50-year material warranty
  • Reduces cooling cost in warm weather
  • Low maintenance and sheds snow easily

A metal shingled roof provides the same level of durability, longevity, and protection as well as pleasing aesthetics. If you own a brick house or colonial and want to preserve that authentic look, we recommend installing metal shingles. Interlocking metal shingles are commonly used by a lot of homeowners in Canada. The most common types of metal used in the manufacturing process are G90 galvanized aluminum and steel. The average rate of a metal shingled roof in Toronto is between C$6.50 and C$8.50 per square foot installed.

3. Standing Seam

If you’re looking for a roofing application that will provide your home with a modern, exquisite look? We highly recommend a standing seam metal roof, and they’re the perfect solution for shedding snow. This type of roofing application is one of the more high-end options among metal roofing systems. It’s very popular in Toronto and other parts of Canada. It provides a long-lasting, environmentally-friendly, premium quality and energy-efficient roofing system.


  • Water-tight vertical metal panels
  • No exposed fasteners or screws
  • Fire and wind resistant up to 120mph
  • Painted galvanized G90 steel and other alloys
  • Average 50-year warranty and some lifetimeEasily sheds snow and protects against leakage
  • Field and snap-lock applications
  • Contraction and expansion capabilities

We also want you to know that wider and longer standing seam panels could be a benefit? When you choose a thicker metal like 22 or 24 gauge aluminum or steel, more structural strength is added. This can help xwith the integrity and prevent the panels from oil canning. Standing seam panels are available in a wide array of colours, metals, and textures. When you consider that this is a one-time investment, the average cost is between C$7.00 and C$13.00 per square foot installed.

4. Stone Coated Steel

One of the most advanced roofing systems in the 21st century is stone coated steel. We have seen a shift in residential homes in the greater Toronto area that are using this marvellous product. It provides the homeowner with staying power and combines outstanding protection with superb looks. Elements like hail, wind, and fire don’t stand a chance against this beautifully engineered product. It’s recyclable and is made from recycled materials; therefore, it’s very environmentally-friendly and renewable.


  • UV resistant and protects against impact
  • Aluminum-zinc alloy coating for proven rust resistance
  • Class A fire rating and high wind resistant up to 120 mph
  • Reflects solar radiant heat and lowers cooling utilities
  • Impact resistant steel for protection of hail up to 2.5 inches
  • Batten or non-batten system for superior protection against leakage
  • Manufacturers average warranty is about 50-years or more
  • Lighter and stronger than asphalt shingles

When it comes to stone coated steel, no two roofs are the same. There are a lot of different factors involved when choosing this type of roofing application. Every roof will have a different requirement for materials, and the installation has numerous variables to consider. The type of stone coated steel panels will also affect the price from low-end shingles to barrel style. This is a considerable investment at C$20.00 or more per square foot installed, but well worth it.

5. EPDM Rubber Membrane

Houses that have asphalt shingles will typically get about 15 to 20 years before they show signs of wear. On the other hand, EPDM rubber membrane roofs can last between 30 and 50 years with limited maintenance. Rubber membrane rolls or shingles are less likely to crack and more durable than asphalt shingles. They’re extremely beneficial for residential low-pitched roofs or commercial buildings with flat roofs. When roofs are flatter, the water doesn’t run off as fast and rubber is a perfect application.


  • Eco-friendly materials that are recycled from slate dust, sawdust, and recycled tires
  • Doesn’t crack or get brittle in extreme hot or cold temperatures
  • Resistant to cyclic fatigue and ultraviolet radiation
  • Can withstand sizable hail and severe weather anomalies
  • Fire resistant and completely waterproof
  • Typical warranties range from 50 to 75 years
  • Extremely durable and low maintenance

The installation of rubber membrane roofing systems is faster than slate or asphalt roofing installation. Seamless rolls are usually the more affordable option and efficient energy form of rubber roofing. The chances of it cracking or leaking is very unlikely. Its seamless application doesn’t provide water with a place to flow underneath and will last for years. The price for this roofing system will cost about C$5.00 to C$6.50 per square foot installed.

Summary and Additional Roofing Material Information

Did you know that in high-wind locations like High-Velocity Hurricane Zones (HVHZ), require different installation applications? A buttonless installation for stone coated steel installation is recommended because it secures the roofing material better. This is something that you should discuss with one of our experts because there are some pros and cons. Just like any type of roofing application, there will always be some variables that affect the overall price.

In most cases, there are underlying factors that affect more than the cost of material and installation alone. Removal of debris is something that most homeowners don’t think about. Landfills charge a premium for roofing debris, especially asphalt shingles because they lack biodegradable properties. Access to your roof and height can also affect the overall cost. Specialized equipment and scaffolding may be required in order for the contractors to do their job safely.

Depending on the type of roofing system that you’re considering? There are a lot of different installation applications that are required to install the product correctly. It’s always best to ask us questions about each type of roofing application listed above. This way you won’t be shocked when you see the estimate and prepare yourself for the project ahead.

Installing a new roof is a big investment, no matter the application you have decided on. We are here to help you with every aspect of your roofing project and provide you with free answers. We are a full-service provider for commercial and residential roofing applications in the greater Toronto area. We have been providing Toronto residents and businesses with quality roofing installations for (??) years. If you are ready to get this process started, please feel free to contact us and book your appointment today.

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