5 Ways to Make Sure Your Roof is Ready for the Canadian Winter

Tips for Canadian Winter

Preparation is always key in avoiding costly repairs for your home. This is especially true in being ready for the colder weather that Winter brings. One of the largest and most costly portions of your home that is susceptible to damages during this time of year is your roof. Spending a little bit of time and money beforehand could end up saving you from the headache of costly and lengthy repairs in the future. There are several measures you can take to make sure that you are ready for whatever winter brings.

Annual and Monthly Inspections

You should consider an exam once per month, so you will be sure to spot anything out of place before there is much chance for further damage. Before Winter comes, you should do a more thorough inspection that involves checking for weak spots that are more susceptible to the elements. Even small leaks that might not seem like a big problem could be causing many other problems that can be costly to repair, like wood rot and mold. Consider hiring a professional for repairs that you are unfamiliar with.

Remove Potential Hazards

If there are trees nearby your house, consider trimming the branches that are closer to your roof. These will be extremely destructive if one should fall on top of your home. During the Winter months, ice and snow will weight down these branches to make them even more likely to break and fall. Clean out your gutters so that thawing ice will have a clear path away from your home as it melts.

Equip Your Attic with Proper Insulation

As warm air in your home rises, it will reach the attic space just below your roof. This can lead to the bottom layer of snow melting at the top of your roofline. As it travels under the frozen snow towards the bottom of the roof, it may refreeze. This can cause a potentially dangerous ice dam. Giving your attic the proper insulation will prevent heat from melting the snow on closest to the top of your roof.

Stock your Toolkit

Not all household-use chemicals are made the same. You shouldn’t use spray-on chemicals for the use melting snow and ice. Instead, you can try a snow guard with sloped roofs. This will prevent sliding snow from injuring anyone outside. Gutter guards will keep debris out of your gutters, so the water from melting snow and ice doesn’t get trapped.

When in Doubt, Call Deluxe Roofing

If you aren’t sure what you’re doing to make a necessary repair or have questions regarding what your specific roof’s needs are, call Deluxe Roofing. We can give you sound advice and help you fix any problem areas before Winter hits.

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